For Teachers (or Students!)

One of my goals here at Graph Paper Diaries has always been to help write the type of material I would like to have been taught as a high school student. I come from a family of educators, and I have the utmost respect for the job teachers are trying to accomplish when they get up in front of a classroom. There’s a few things I’ve written here that I have either given as a talk to high school students or that some high school teachers I know have found useful in teaching their classes, so I wanted to put them all together in one place for easy finding. I happen to think most of them are also pretty useful for those autodidacts looking to brush up on some critical thinking skills without having to do much math, but YMMV.

Intro to Internet Science. This is a ten part series covering a wide range of issues with reading science articles on the internet. I break it down in to 4 parts: presentation, pictures, proof and people, and give examples of what to look out for. My goal is to make everyone paranoid about everything they read online. The index with all the post listings is here.

The Language Lessons series covers some basic definitions with really goofy illustrations.

My list of book recommendations has all sorts of stuff on there, including some stuff for students.

If you ever need a good example of why infographics are not to be trusted (or you just want to see someone else do the grading for a change, try my “Grade an Infographic” series.

And finally if you’re looking for some good pop culture reference tie ins, try the “Pop Science” series, where I called in a friend to rank the scientific validity of pop songs.