Projects and Series

Occasionally I write posts that are part of bigger series. I keep track of them here. Click on the title in the menu to pull all the posts from that series.

Ongoing series:

5 Things (ongoing)

Just what it sounds like. 5 points about one thing.

From the Archives (ongoing)

A series where I pull things I wrote in the past and update them with new thoughts/research/etc.

Heteroskedasticity (ongoing)

Posts about whatever, named after my favorite stats word.

Reader Questions (ongoing)

Readers ask, I answer.

Series I’ve finished:
Intro to Internet Science (ten part series)

This is an in-depth look at the talk I give to high school students about reading and interpreting science stories you find on the internet. The index is here.

My series with Ben, ranking the good, the bad, the ugly and the simply confusing science references in popular music:
Pop Science (8 part series)

Series I haven’t worked on in a while:

Advice Column (ongoing)

I affectionately call this “No One Asked Me”, because this is the type of advice literally no one wants. Ridiculous statistical answers to perfectly reasonable questions. It’s kinda like you brought up a personal issue to a socially awkward stats person at a party and now you can’t get away while they ramble. Actually it’s exactly like that except it’s the internet, and that person is me.

Books (ongoing)

Mostly book lists and recommendations. Another longer list is here.

Grade the Infographic (ongoing)

I hate infographics. In this series, I take an infographic and grade the content.

Language Lessons (ongoing)

Definitions of various statistical words in some format I find amusing.

Mr Man and Little Miss Distributions (ongoing)

My favorite probability distributions, illustrated.

I occasionally sketchnote out random scientific papers I read that sound interesting.
R&C (ongoing)