4 thoughts on “Don’t believe everything you read on the internet…

  1. Take a moment to consider this. It is embarrassing to Vogue not just for the inaccuracy, but because “interior designer” fairly screams “unintellectual, powerless, probably gay,” while that government title, whatever the flip it was says “Playah! Upwardly mobile, on the move!” I'm not sure the Democrats want this prejudice of theirs advertised.

    But more deeply, “interior designer” is actually an honorable profession where you have to do some actual work and please actual customers. Unlike “Human Rights” bloviators pulling down $100K for doing what, exactly?


  2. I love that quote.

    I actually had a facebook friend delete me after he put up a whole thing that was supposedly by Lincoln that proved one of his political points. The language sounded all wrong to me…there was some phrase in it that I was highly skeptical was actually around in the 1800's….so I looked it up. I left a polite comment with a link to the real author, and found myself deleted. It's an interesting world.


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