Friday Fun Links 11-30-12

FYI, I’m done with 75% of my Christmas shopping.  Still have to get a tree though.

For those of you not done yet, I’ll help you out with what to give me.   Here’s a whole list!  

And for my little genius baby, I’m thinking this “Outlier” bodysuit would be perfect….or perhaps a stuffed normal distribution?

Alright, enough shopping.  Need some entertainment?  Try the “thanks textbooks” tumblr. Featuring the best of the worst problems/examples/etc in textbooks.  Highlights in the commentary include “I’m less concerned with the question, “What does the scale read?”  and more concerned with the question, “Why the hell are we lubricating a hamster?”  and “Who has a “favorite” orange?  How long have you had this orange that you’ve bonded with it so much?  Who has an equation to calculate the weight of an orange?Is it your favorite because it happens to weigh nine pounds!?”

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