4 thoughts on “Friday Fun Links 3-8-13

  1. The passport map may have several patterns showing on it.

    At a rough guess, there may be two patterns. One is border-States have higher rates of passport-holders than non-border States.

    The other is that certain States have large cities with good airport access to overseas destinations.

    Some States sit in both categories.

    And then there's a little room to argue about definitions. Do water-borders count? What about rivers vs. lakes as a water-border?

    Kind of fun to think about.


  2. I also think there's also some correlation with median income…all the states with 30% or less seem to be those that normally appear in the bottom quartile on household income lists.


  3. And that explanation may be better than the ones I offered in category 2.

    Though the explanations I offered are strongly related to median income…

    There may still be outliers in the bottom quartile, though those appear to be land-border States.


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