Saturday Fun Links 5-11-13

Would you care to ponder your place in time and space?  Here’s a good visualization.

As for space, I have my favorite new game.  It’s called Geo Guesser.  It gives you a random picture of a spot somewhere in the world, and you have to guess where it is.  The closest I’ve been is 1800 km off.  My high score is 7329.

If that games got you tripped up, explore your neighborhood while running away from zombies here.

Speaking of geography, check out this infographic on which state employee makes the most money in each state.  Spoiler alert: it’s coaches.  But who should be the best paid?  Jonathan suggests the state house tour guides.  I like that.

Hey, it’s my first Mother’s Day!  Husband’s out of town on business, so I’m spending the day babysitting (can you still call it that when he’s yours?)  Anyway, here are some animal moms that deserve a break.

Oh, and a very happy graduation day to my little sister who’s getting her bachelors of nursing today!  Your patients are lucky to have you!

6 thoughts on “Saturday Fun Links 5-11-13

  1. Fixed it.

    Are you implying my “go with your gut and pick in 3 seconds” strategy isn't ideal? Since your score doubled mine, I'll concede.


  2. I finally gave in and tried it. My second game I got just over 10000. I don't know what AVI is seeing cause I was really off on some. But he has been to the area of the Black Sea and I haven't so that may be an advantage.


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