Autism and Labor

Commenter Erin brought up the recent hubbub regarding induced labor and autism, and while I’d like to comment on it, Science Based Medicine has already done a pretty thorough job.  They put the breakdown quite succinctly:

In the case of this study, either inducing/augmenting labor triggers autism in some children, children with autism are more likely to require induced labor, or some other factor(s) is a risk factor for both developing autism and needing to induce or augment labor. This current study does not contain data that can differentiate among these possibilities.

Induced labor is a hard thing to study because (unlike c-sections) induction is very rarely completely elective. It is almost always precipitated by some other complication.  It’s an interesting study though, and definitely indicates a need for more research.  Anything that gets people off the vaccine thing makes me happy.

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