Rock, Paper, Crayon

Recently in a conversation with a friend of mine, I mentioned a paper I had read that asserted that we are more attracted to potential partners who look like us1.  I couldn’t remember all of the details, so a googling I went.  Before I found the actual paper, I found an article about it that contained the following sentence:

For the study, photographs of real-life couples were also studied and analyzed by the researchers with at least one child, to determine if these actually influenced partner choices.

There’s a sentence that leaves you with an amusing mental image.  Did the researchers have to have at least one child?  Did a child help with the analysis? Who is this child and why are they involved so specifically?

When I found the paper, I confirmed that in fact it was the couples being analyzed who had at least one child….but I still like my mental image of a kid with a crayon, marking up all the photos with his observations on face structure.
1. Because it would annoy the crap out of me to read a reference like that with no link to the original paper, here you go.

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