What I’m Reading: February 2016

An awesome article from two of my favorite statisticians on scientific overreach, power poses, and why we really need to stop quoting studies that don’t subsequently replicate. The day this went up I Tweeted it out, and within an hour someone I follow posted an article they had written that day quoting the original study. Didn’t correct it when I sent them the link either. Harumph.

I have ongoing debates with quite a few friends over appropriate emoji use. This paper should help us out.

A Crusade Against Multiple Regression Analysis. I’m in. Any crusade that has an upfront statistical warning label as end goal is one I can get behind.

What social science reporting gets wrong, according to social scientists. I saw this one then 3 people sent it to me, which makes me feel like I’m headed in the right direction in life.

How you are going to die and at what your chances are of being dead at given ages. Given that I’ve already lived as long as I have, my chances don’t hit 50/50 until I’m 81.

I’ve been playing Guess the Correlation. Current high score is 88.

Totally not in my normal wheelhouse for research I look at, but the Assistant Village Idiot’s take on a study about the origins of fairy tales was fascinating.

This take on the recent debates around nutrition science is a long-ish but fascinating read. Good to see all sides represented at once.

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