Statistical Tricks and Treats

Well hi!

After 8 fantastic weeks of working with Ben on the good, the bad, and the ugly of Pop Science, it’s time to move on to a new Sunday series.

When I give my talk to high school students, one of my biggest struggles is really not having time to cover any math. That’s  what I really love, but it’s pretty much impossible in a short time frame and when I’ve tried I always feel like I do kids a disservice. I mentioned some of this struggle in Part 7 of my Internet Science series, and I realized I probably have enough to say about this that I can make a whole series about it.

A few likely posts you’ll be seeing:

  1. That sneaky average
  2. Base rates and other shenanigans
  3. Independence and Probability
  4. To replicate or not to replicate
  5. Correlation and causation

If you’d like to see anything else, let me know!