What I’m Reading: June 2016

This month, my book was Beautiful Data: The Stories Behind Elegant Data Solutions . It’s more on the technical side (some stories include the code used to analyze the data), but it’s pretty good if that’s what you’re in to.

Speaking of book lists, I’ve updated my list of recommendations.

Also, I’ve been having fun with those 2×2 matrices, so I started another site to play around with more of those.  It’s called Two Ways to be Wrong, and I’m pretty much just experimenting with different topics/colors/etc, but I’m having fun. Feel free to swing by!

Okay, this was an interesting article about EurekaAlert, the cite that publicizes recent published studies.

I’ve been playing around with Image Quilt ever since I took Edward Tufte’s seminar a few years ago, and it’s pretty great. Here’s a good article about it from it’s release.

Speaking of data visualization, here’s a promising looking guide to learning R, one of my next goals for the year.

How math helps fight epidemics.