Vanity Sizing: The Visual Edition

I’m swamped with homework this week, but after my post about vanity sizing a few weeks ago, I thought this picture might amuse a few people: fullsizerender-1

The white-ish sparkly dress on the top is one my grandmother gave me when I was a little kid to play “princess dress up” in (it was a floor length gown when I was 5!). Someone set it aside for me after she died, and I found it this week while sorting through some boxes. I checked the tag out, and it’s marked as a size 14. The dress below it is a bridesmaids dress I wore about 6 years ago at my brothers wedding….also marked a size 14. I don’t know how long my grandmother had the top dress when she gave it to me in the 80s, but my guess is it’s from the late 70s.  That’s 4 decades of size inflation right there folks.

If it followed this chart at all, the top dress would be a size 4 by today’s standards. The bottom dress would have been a size 20 in the late 70s.

My own vanity now compels me to mention that I don’t actually fit in the 2010 size 14 any more, I’m a 1987 size 14 thank-you-very-much.

2 thoughts on “Vanity Sizing: The Visual Edition

  1. I only wish to note that your size-14-by-1958-standards dress is a pretty close match to contemporary size 14 in the children’s range.


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