New Year’s Resolution: Stats/Data Book List 2017

Last year I started a bit of a tradition with my “to read” list of numbers/stats/math books for 2016. This year I wanted to continue the tradition by putting together a list of books I’m reading in 2017.

January: The Numerati 
This promises to be an interesting and potentially frightening look at how people are collecting your data and using it to attempt to predict behavior.

February: The Mathematics of Love
I mean, how better to say “I love you” on Valentine’s Day than to learn all the mathematical models and patterns that are being used to predict/describe romantic behavior?

March: The Seven Pillars of Statistical Wisdom
Like “The Lady Tasting Tea” last year, this promises to be an interesting history of statistical thought.

April: Good Charts
From the Harvard Business School, a simple guide to good charts.

May: Bad Pharma
I loved Ben Goldacre’s “Bad Medicine”, and I’m hoping “Bad Pharma” is just as good.

June: A Numerate Life
I’ve enjoyed John Allen Paulos and his books, so I’m interested to read his autobiography…hopefully on the beach.

July: Thinking in Numbers
From the guy who wrote “Born on a Blue Day”, an autistic savant describes how he sees the world in numbers.

August: Winning With Data  
Another “big data” book, this one looks to teach people how to take advantage of the information that’s out there.

September: The Theory that Would Not Die
A history of Bayes Theorem, and why it won’t go away

October: Naked Statistics
I’ve heard this book recommended a few times, so I figured I’d give it a whirl.

November: Best Mathematics Writing 2016
This book isn’t even out yet, but once it is I’m all over it.

December: The Truthful Art
Another data viz book that looks promising.

Of course if I missed anything good, let me know!