Coming this February….

As I’ve mentioned in a few comments/conversations around here, one of the main goals of my current blogging kick has been to come up with some more defined project for myself and/or ongoing series. I’ve had quite a bit of fun with the “Intro to Internet Science” posts, and plan to do some other (hopefully) interesting things in the future.

Starting in February, I’m going to roll out a few of these ideas and see what works or at least keeps me entertained. As I start these series I’ll be adding them here, and you can find links to the individual series in the drop down at the top. In addition to a few A few things to look forward to:

Little Miss Probability Distribution: I’ve been obsessed with probability distributions and their relationships with each other, and I need to work that out somehow. Get ready to meet them and see how the get along.

From the Archives: As many reader know, I blogged quite a bit in 2012 and 2013 on all sorts of random issues. Most of that was pre-stats degree, so I’m taking a look in my archives to dig up some old posts and see what I’d say about them now.

Grade an Infographic: Infographics still drive me nuts. I am taking a red pen to them.

Math Words for People Who Like English: I had a really funny conversation with a language obsessed friend about some of the more fun words that exist in the world of math and statistics. I’m going to be highlighting a few of these for her and anyone else who is interested.

Book Suggestions for the Autodidact: I put up a few book lists recently, and I decided I’m going to keep a running list of my favorites for people who want more. You can find it in the bar at the top, or access the ongoing list here. I’ll be changing the number in the title as I add things.

Additionally, I’m going to keep up my R&C posts, where I deep dive/sketch out the different parts of a study either related to my life or the news, and probably keep up the personal life advice column, which keeps cracking me up. As I noted last week, reader questions are always welcome, and can be submitted here.