GPD Most Popular Posts of 2016

Well hello hello and happy (almost) New Year! As 2016 winds down and I recover from my 3 straight days of Christmas parties, I thought I’d take a look at my stats and do a little recap of the most popular posts on this blog for 2016.  To be clear, these are posts that were written during the year 2016 and the traffic is for 2016. I lumped some series together because otherwise it got a little too confusing, so technically a few 2015 posts snuck in here. I hope you’ll forgive me. And links are included, in case you want to catch up on something you missed.

  1. How Do They Call Elections So Early? A simple question sent to me by a family member on Facebook quickly became my most popular post of the year. Got posted by someone on Twitter with the caveat “Trigger Warning: Math”, which is definitely my favorite intro ever.
  2. Immigration, Poverty, and Gumballs Another response to a  reader question “hey what do you think of this video?” that turned in to a meta-rant about mathematical demonstrations that distract from the real issues being addressed. This post briefly ended up on Roy Beck’s Wikipedia page as “notable criticism” of his video, but he still never returned my email. Bummer.
  3. Intro to Internet Science (series) While technically this series started in 2015, the bulk of it (Parts 3-10) were posted in 2016 so I’m letting it make the list. This got a boost from a few teachers assigning it to their classes, which was pretty awesome.
  4. 6 Examples of Correlation/Causation Confusion Read the post that got the comment “a perfect example of what makes this blog so great”. Sure, it was my brother who said that, but I still take it as a win.
  5. 5 Example of Bimodal Distributions (None of Which Are Human Height) Pretty sure this one is just getting cribbed for homework assignments.
  6. 5 Things You Should Know About the Great Flossing Debate of 2016 This post got me my favorite compliment of the year, when my own dentist told me I “did a pretty good job” with this. I get weirdly overexcited about praise from my dentist.
  7. Pop Science (series) Probably my favorite thing I (co) wrote in 2016, the Pop Science series with Ben was REALLY fun.
  8. 5 Things You Should Know About Medical Errors and Mortality Because a good cause o’ death discussion always brings the clicks.
  9. 5 Studies About Politics and Bias to Get You Through Election Season I am told this was fairly helpful.
  10. More Sex, More Models, More Housework I think it’s my witty writing style that makes this one so popular.

While they didn’t get the same type of traffic, I have to say I enjoyed writing/inventing the Tim Tebow Fallacy and the Forrest Gump Fallacy, and working through my feelings in Accidental Polymath Problems.

Of course I would love to hear your favorites/comments/suggestions for 2017, and if you have any fun reader questions, feel free to send them my way as well.

Happy new year everyone, and thanks for reading!

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