Eating Season

Happy almost Thanksgiving! Please enjoy this bit of trivia I recently stumbled on about American food consumption patterns during this time of year! It’s from the book “Devoured: From Chicken Wings to Kale Smoothies – How What We Eat Defines Who We Are” by Sophie Egan.

From page 173:

A few paragraphs later, she goes a bit more in depth about what happens to shopping habits (note: she quotes the embattled Cornell Food and Brand lab, but since their data matches another groups data on this, I’m guessing it’s pretty solid):

I had no idea that “eating season” had gone so far outside the bounds of what I think of as the holiday season. Kinda makes you wonder if this is all just being driven by winter and the holidays are just an excuse.

On a related note, my capstone project is done/accepted with no edits and I will probably be putting up some highlights about my research in to food insecurity and health habits on Sunday.

Happy Thanksgiving!

7 thoughts on “Eating Season

  1. how interesting! The way to disentangle winter from holiday season would be to compare it with Australia, which is big on celebrating Christmas but it’s in summer. I’m kind of fascinated with temporal aspects of health behaviour…


    • That would definitely be an interesting way of untangling it! Another might be to compare different regions within the US to see if the effect was more or less pronounced in those regions with more pronounced seasons….say southern California vs Minnesota.


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