GPD Most Popular Posts of 2018

Well here we are, the end of 2018. I always get a kick out of seeing what my most popular posts are each year, as they are never what I expect them to be, so I always enjoy my year end roundup.

My most popular posts this year continue to be ones I think people Google for school assignments (6 Examples of Correlation/Causation Confusion and 5 Examples of Bimodal Distributions), and the Immigration, Poverty and Gumballs post. Every time immigration debates hit the news, Numbers USA reposts the video that sparked that post and my traffic goes with it. At this point I find that utterly bizarre as the video is 8 years old and the numbers he quotes over a decade old, but people still contact me wanting to fight about them. Sigh.

Okay, now on to 2018! Here were my most popular posts written in 2018:

  1. 5 Things About that “Republicans are More Attractive than Democrats” Study I was surprised to see this post topped my list, until I realized it’s actually just been an extremely steady performer, garnering equal number of hits every month since it went live. Apparently partisan attractiveness is a timeless concern.
  2. Vitamin D Deficiency: A Supplement Story Yet another one that surprised me. Moderately popular when I first posted it, this has become increasingly popular as we enter winter months.
  3. What I’m Reading: September 2018 My link fests don’t often make my most read list, but my discussion of the tipping point paper (i.e. how many people have to advocate for a thing before the minority can convince the majority) got this one some traffic from the AVI at Chicago Boyz.
  4. 5 Things About the GLAAD Accelerating Acceptance Report This was the post I personally shared the most this year, with and odd number of people I knew actually bringing it up to me. Yay self-promotion!
  5. GPD Lexicon I was pleased to see my new GPD Lexicon page made the list, and I really enjoy putting these together. I think my 2019 resolution is to try to figure out how to put some of these in to an ebook. Writing them makes me happy.
  6. Tick Season 2018 I think this post got put up on an exterminator website as a good example of why you needed their spraying services. Glad I could help?
  7. Death Comes for the Appliance This actually may have been my favorite post of the year. I learned so much weird trivia and now have way too many talking points when people bring up appliance lifespans. Thanks to all who participated in the comments.
  8. 5 Things About Fertility Rates I still think about this post every time someone mentions fertility rates. The trends are fascinating to me.
  9. Tidal Statistics  I was very gratified to find people linking to this one when encountering their own statistics problems. Easier to fight the problem when you can actually name it.
  10. The Mandela Effect: Group False Memory This entire concept still makes me laugh and think, all at the same time.

Well that’s a wrap folks, see you in the new year!